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Elyon Air MMO PVP Game: Ascent Infinite Realm

Who on earth was not crazy after the insanely popular PUBG? Bluehole, a South Korean video game corporation, was behind the creation of this all-time most-played game who also came up with its MMORPG “The Exiled Realm of Arborea (TERA)”. Instead of taking a breath, Krafton, under the umbrella of Bluehole, continued on digging new fantasy worlds and explored the paradise of Elyon. Kakao Games is the publisher of Elyon A: IR MMO that was previously branded as Ascent Infinite Realm.

Elyon: The Video Game

In this Steampunk patterned MMORPG, a great war between two fantasy realms, Vulpin and Ontari, takes place in the arena of ‘Elyon’, a gateway to paradise. It’s the world where machines and mana are the ultimate ruling powers. The quest for new horizons to make their next living takes voyagers to the sheer and plumb world of Elyon after leaving Hearth’s ground. Being a passenger of great spaceship Inventus, you’re drifting through deep space. Things go wrong when your ship is ambushed by impersonal beings known as the ‘Dark Apostles’. You’re taken captive by those dark forces but a faction of brave redeemers succeeded to brings you back on the ship. Blue-blooded Vulpin and daring Ontari are contesting at a massive level to take control of ‘Elyon’. Based on a non-target action system, both sides use a vast array of airships, wingsuits, flying mounts, and heavy artillery in the Realm vs Realm conflict. Queen Maria Neishar is the caption of this epic odyssey who grants you the essence of the mythical Tree of Sefiroth. You’re now the guardian of that tree and responsible for the safe return of your abducted crew.

Customization of classes, races, and characters

Elyon A: IR MMO has five playable classes and whether you choose Vulpin or Ontari as your ally, you could pick any one of them. Other than these five classes which we’re going to introduce you, there’re four races. Each race except ‘Eln’, a tiny fox-type animal, is gender-based and players can swap their favorite character from male to female and vice versa. With a cutting-edge character customization suite, you’re now able to tailor your desired characters with an extensive skill set and craft your own gear. Each character bears a unique skill set and no other character could fight the same way as one does. Built on Unreal Engine 3, the game goes on fabulously with 1, 2, and 3 PvP in the battleground.

The classes in Elyon

  • Warlord: With a hefty Mace, hammer, or axe in one hand and a shield in the other, the energetic and fearless Warlord jumps into the battlefield and causes great damage to his enemies. Warlord is a must-have combatant for his allies. The speed and attack range, however, is restricted to 40% but with 100% defending powers, he is more useful than any other class.
  • Mystic: With a ‘Wand’ and ‘Totem’ as the primary weapons, Mystic supports its allies with the magical powers of nature. It’s a far-flung class that heals its allies and castigates the enemies in an instant. Mystic retains less defense and her attack isn’t critical but plays a crucial part in waning the enemy line along with energizing its own side with healing powers.
  • Assassin: The enemies could only notice a flash of light and the very next moment, they’re taking their last breaths. Assassin, with daggers in both hands, just give a glimpse, a blaze spreads, and you find your enemies squirming like slaughtered animals. Assassin is the most lethal weapon in all classes. The defense and attack range are pretty limited but it covers these limitations with unmatchable speed and fatally attacks its enemies.
  • Elementalist: Think if your enemy is frozen in front of you or a firewall halted and seared it, how much increased capability you got in battleground? Elementalist is a spellcaster adaptable force that though deficits in physical stoutness but capable of inflicting major damage with its exceptional attack power. With ‘frost’ and ‘flame’ skills, Elementalist or Sorceress is your best bet.
  • Gunslinger: A snipper and best firer is always the finest part of its team who kills its enemies without being noticed. Gunslinger enjoys playing with its ‘pistols’ and ‘rifle’. The incomparable long attack range makes them a hard target to their enemy when they’re causing great damage in return.

Closed Beta Test 1

The first closed beta test was live-streamed throughout EU and NA from May 6th and the end date was May 9th. The day one wasn’t a lucky day perhaps and went pretty rough, so the officials extended the CBT1 up to May 11th. The CBT2 and the full release dates are expected to be announced soon after resolving the existing problems and necessary improvements. Most of the MMO lovers, whether on social media, community forums, or YouTube’s comment sections considering Elyon an improved version of ‘TERA’. Character creation in Elyon, however, is pretty appreciated that is way better than its successor ‘TERA’.

Is Elyon free to play?

Elyon is not a free-to-play game at all. Yet, it’s available on KR servers, so make sure you create a verified account on Daum’s website using an actual Korean ID to access the game. A verified Daum account doesn’t come with an access package and you’ll require to buy it as well. So, make sure you choose a seller who is selling a verified account along with the access package. On the other hand, scammers are bushwhacking to deprive you of your money. Very soon the game will be launched in NA/EU. It’s therefore recommended to wait for the release of the game if you’re from the west and purchase the only basic package if you’re desperate to test it. Even if you’ve bought a package from a trusted seller, it’s not definite that you could play Elyon for a long time. During re-verification process, your account could be seized. Unless, the game is officially released in the west, you’ll need a VPN to play. If you use free VPN, you are more likely to be detected and banned. Elyon’s official website recommends EXITLAG where you could enjoy three days free trial.

Is Elyon pay to win?

Everyone is desperate to know one thing about Elyon. Is it play to win? Whether you like it or not (and definitely, you’d hate this, I believe), unlike TERA, Elyon is pay to win MMORPG. To earn a victory, you need to improve your gears and for this, you’ll have to spend money. On-screen cash shop would help you to level up your skills and armors but you’d lose a significant amount for sure. If you proceed at a steady pace and play the game patiently, you won’t have to spend a fortune on the game.

Is Elyon open world?

Along with the prominent changes in character customization and gear crafting, developers featured Elyon with the boss raid, aerial combat content, and open world hunting. With the provision of PvP and PvE content that goes from 1v1 to Free-for-All arenas, players world be able to jump through anywhere in conflict zones and attack anyone in the world whether friend or foe. An immensely huge open world is waiting for you to play where no loading time is required.

How do I download Elyon?

Before logging in to your Daum account, configure your browser for the extra security of your account. Now, go to the Elyon official website and click on the log-in button. Go to the download section by pressing the yellow button on the top right and a new window with two download sections will appear. Press the top download button and your download would start. After a couple of minutes, your exe file is downloaded and by clicking this file, a window will pop up where you’ll have to select an appropriate folder with enough space.