Here comes the arrival of the Weekly Journal with this ElyonPost No. 1. Every week, find the news of the French-speaking community of Elyon. You'll find out what's changing, what's in court and of course what's planned for the community.

ElyonPost No.1 – Birth

Welcome to you on ElyonPost. It's your weekly newspaper on news and news about the French-speaking community of Elyon and the game of the same name. This first issue will tell you mainly about the community and what is happening to them.

The birth of EylonPost comes after a relatively large influx of new people into the Discord of the Francophone community to keep it informed of everything that happened during the week and thus have a summary of news related to the game and the community.

News in a nutshell

The ElyonFR Community Discord, previously Elyon-air en, has seen a massive influx of people arriving following the announcement of the opening of registrations on the official website. Indeed, Kakaogames officially opened the Elyon website with the arrival of the accounts. From there, everything was very quickly thanks in particular to a simple message about the official Discord of Kakaogames EU.

The content has in fact been boosted to keep the community up to date and provide it with all current information about Elyon. The site has picked up a little more activity with articles translated daily and put online in the wake. New people have taken responsibility for providing a safe and secure environment for community members.

The ElyonFr community is equipped with a twitch channel, a twitter account and a forum in addition to the vocals and website. All this in order to give as much information in French as possible about Elyon before its release in Europe.

The news in detail

Discord Grows

The discord of the French community of Elyon has grown from a few members, a dozen, to more than a hundred in less than a week. This influx has forced us to review 2-3 things in order to improve understanding and use of vocals. Channels migrated from categories, categories were added as well as roles.

That's how you can find:

  • a section dedicated to PR
    • rp guilds
    • exchanges between members of the same faction only
    • exchanges between the two factions
  • a channel dedicated to questions/answers to CMs
  • a channel for daily surveys in order to take the hen from the community
  • redistribution of channels on ads/news
  • roles for the CM and staff have been added
  • and you can find the server statistics with the number of members, bots and the set
  • a self-promotion channel for twitch, facebook gaming or youtube channels

Twitch Chain

The community sees the arrival of a Twitch ElyonFR channel. This one will be used for interesting exchanges and discussions about the game. This will go from simple discussion to interviews with various members of the community who create content or are part of the staff. You will also find a monthly and weekly format on the news of the game.

The staff will try to give as much information as possible about the news and news of the game, also to put contests in place to win unique items and other keys to access the game.

The community needs you!

The site requires daily maintenance, whether to add content or simply update various plugins. But we must also take care of the Discord, the forum and keep everything up to date while at the very least animate the Discord.

For this, it is imperative to have a team that is efficient and works hand in hand. That's why any participation is welcome!

You can participate in a variety of ways:

  • Translate content into French
    • you can send them to us by email or MP on discord
    • you can join the team and become a contributing contributor
  • Becoming a moderator
    • you'll need a minimum presence on the Discord
    • not react by pipe head, but by violation of the Discord regulations
    • know how to write a minimum correctly in French (if so, because it is and knows or its do not have the same uses and meanings)
  • Join the staff
    • this is a great responsibility that will require high self-discipline
    • you will be brought in to help manage the community as a whole
  • Create content
    • If you are a content creator, you can let us know that you are ok to use your creations on the site

If you are interested in either position, do not hesitate to MP Am4rok on the Discord in order to agree and you can join the staff.

We'll meet next week for a new news item.

If you have found a spelling error, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.
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