It's official, Elyon will arrive in Europe during the second half of 2021. Various changes have taken place in the game since its launch in Korea and may change the opinions on the game. But, apart from that, what are your expectations of Elyon in the face of other MMORPGs that are already pre-existing?

Elyon's Promises

The promises Elyon brings are interesting and numerous. In a nutshell, a dynamic combat system, interesting classes with various talent trees, an open PVP and an aerial combat system. We can also talk about housing that brings its little extra to the game without being quite indispensable.

You could see, the various classes each have their own type of gameplay and especially their importance during PVE fights. We now have to wait until the EU version is unveiled so that we can really get an idea of what awaits us when we go out in Europe.

What are your Elyon expectations?

While waiting for the official announcements, do you have any special expectations? What makes you impatient? Why is Elyon the MMORPG you're waiting for? Let's know in the comments!

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