In the series "The Beginner's Guide" you will find explanations on the basics of Elyon to start your adventure. These will be as comprehensive as possible so as not to get lost on the way and updated when the game comes out in the West. We'll start with the basics of the game: Factions, classes and high-facts.

Beginner's guide #1

In order to get off to a good start on Elyon, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the basics of it. This first guide "The Beginner's Guide #1" will talk about factions and classes. Indeed, the game is based on factional content, much like WoW. So you have to be careful about your first choice.

The Factions

There are two factions (2), the Ontary and the Vulpin. The difference is not in itself huge if not their "mentality" of war.

The Ontary are reasonable and practical while the Vulpins are more of an honor fighter.

Unlike other MMOrpg operating on a faction system, you won't be able to create a character from the opposite faction. It will therefore be necessary to make an informed choice of allegiance to one faction or the other.

Les Classes

There are currently 5 of them:

Each class has its main role when going out in a PVE group, and can turn into a formidable opponent or ally during PvP play.

I Click on the links to get the details of each class

The High Facts

As in many MMOrpg, you have high-facts that you can achieve in order to unlock additional content. High-performing facts are an integral part of Elyon's story. So there's no point in wanting to go too fast.

To pass the next steps and unlock the following, it is important to complete the first one that will unlock the sequel and so on.

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