Here's a quick guide to the types of clans and their benefits. These will be distinguished above all by their size more than by other factors. It is important to understand that the benefits are not insignificant, especially when you are a hardcore gamer or want to go far in Elyon's content.

Clan types

There are three clan types, or sizes:

  • Small (up to 20 people)
  • Medium (21 people up to 40 people)
  • Large (41 people up to 50 people)

Note that clans are limited to a maximum of 50 slots. This means that guilds with more than 50 members will have to create several.

Clan levels

Clans will level up with clan missions and this will give their members advantages that will improve depending on the activities they conduct and the clan level.

The benefits to clans

1. PVE

  • All damage to mobs increases by 3%
  • All damage received from mobs decreases by 3%
  • By dying, the durability of the equipment decreases by 10% less
  • XP by hunting increases by 3%
  • Damage to a boss increases by 3%
  • Damage received on a boss is reduced by 3%
  • If you are attacked with 20% or less health, your DPS increases by 20% for 10 seco
    nds (10-minute CD)

3. Pvp

  • Increases The Point of Honor received by 10% by killing a character from the opposing faction
  • Reduces damage to seats by 5%
  • Killing an enemy faction character heals 10% of max PV (30 seconds of CD)
  • Damage inflicted increases by 5% on enemy players
  • Damage received decreases by 5% in attacks carried by an enemy player
  • The care received from the enemy decreases by 10% when attacked (CD 20second)
  • Attacking an enemy with 20% or less of your health increases the probability of a critical hit by 5% for 30 seconds (CD 60 seconds)

4. crafts

  • Harvest speed increases by 10%
  • Production speed increases by 20%
  • Max vitality increases by 30 pts
  • Jackpot opportunities increase by 10%
  • Vitality recovery increases by 1 pts
  • Vehicle resistance recovery increases by 5%
  • 5% off prices by buying at the market
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