The community has surpassed 200 members on its Discord! This is your chance to give you a brief summary of what awaits you for the rest of the adventures.

200 Members and beyond!

First of all, a big thank you to all the people who arrived on the Discord of the French-speaking community of Elyon. This is a pleasure and will force us to be more vigilant in order to give you as much information as possible about the game and what awaits you before it arrives in Europe.

What are we planning?

The community is already seeing one issue a day in the appropriate channel, but more will happen shortly. Indeed, in order to have as many people as possible during CBT1, competitions will be set up to earn you, in addition to the registration on the site, keys for CBT1.


Contests will be conducted in two forms.

First form

One will be a draw during a pre-CBT1 livestream organized by the staff of the Eylon FR community. You can also ask all your questions about what will await you for this first closed beta.

The date will be given on the Community Discord when it is known.

Second form

This will be done with questions that will have to be answered correctly. The first to give all the right answers will be rewarded with a key to the CBT1.


As you have already seen, we plan to put online various videos on our youtube channel. We'll beading you as much from the game itself through guides, as well as from the news we know about Elyon.

For the moment it is already a good start, and probably other things will come to embellish the contents of the site (custom tools among others).

We look forward to sharing all these intense moments with you, the French community of Elyon!

Join us on our Discord and don't forget to talk to your friends about Elyon as much as possible.

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