Hello everyone!

We had a lot of fun chatting with you during WADA last week, which is why we want to thank you once again for your passionate interest and love for Elyon.

In fact, it was so good that we realized that we didn't have enough time to answer all your questions in two hours. So we've identified the outstanding issues, and today we're going to share a follow-up to conclude the first official Elyon AMA, so, without further ado, good reading!

First part: kakao-bluehole-speak-delyon-on-reddit

Q: Will Elyon ever be distributed in Russia as well?

A: Yes, but we don't have a specific timetable yet.

Q: Is there any concern that because of the weekly changes in metas, that there is no stability in KR? For most people I know who play on the Korean server, this is a major problem and the reason why many players have lost interest in Elyon in Korea.

A: We realized it was a mistake, so from now on, we don't plan to radically change the meta and we're more focused on the current balance of the game from a long-term perspective. In addition, we will apply the balance changes by adding additional content instead of simply applying new patches. Of course, this does not mean that we will not take the time to solve the current problems of the game.

Q: Are you planning to set up more competitive small-scale battlefields?
Similarly, the PVPVE 3v3 Sky Island Competition mode (which was removed after a brief announcement, I guess due to some resemblance to other games), do you still consider creating something like this?

A: We don't have a project yet, but if we see that demand is strong, we will consider it. We don't necessarily think that the size (large or small) of the BG is the most important factor, we are more focused on adding content that is suitable for Elyon. FYI, we are currently working on asynchronous PvEvP content and competitive PvP 1 tale 1 content.

Q: Plans for Geforce Now support?

A: We have no plans at this time.

Q: Are there confirmed life skills outside of gathering and/or fishing? Things like animal farming or gardening? Is it possible to use these skills to increase your overall level of player, beyond fights and/or quests?

A: Currently not, but we plan to add more volume to life skills.

Q: How well can you customize a character without buying a change in appearance? For example, an NPC that allows you to change your hairstyle, makeup and little things like that with game money?

A: The only way to further customize the character after it is created is to use a change-of-look object.

Q: Will the camera axis be reversed?

A: No, it won't be possible.

Q: Can you consider removing the thumbnail effect on the screen?

A: We have no plans at this time. However, we have a function to disable post-processing.

Q: To what extent will the content be PvE-focused? Will I see a few dungeons at the end of the game or what should I expect as a primarily PvE player when I reach the end of the game?

A: As the main end-of-game content, we have the RvR battle in dimensional portals, and we also plan to add competitive PvE asynchronous content. Different types of end-of-game content will be added in the future.

Q: How do you address the dependency cycle of current MMORPGs? Between daily newspapers, weeklies, resource systems (such as the Archeage work system that allows people to log in to multiple accounts to progress), and more, how are you going to manage players' feelings of being punished if they don't play every day?

A: This has its pros and cons. This type of content can serve as a guide for players on what can or should be done, and rewards for accomplishing them contribute to user engagement. However, we are also aware that doing the same thing every day or every week can be boring. We are finding ways to automate this procedure and hope that it will be implemented before the official na/EU launch.

Q: How many months of play do you think the average player needs to get the best equipment on a new character? I ask the question because I hope it is less than 5 months.

A: We think it takes 1 month to get decent equipment and 3 months for high-level equipment. If you plan to go further and get BiS speeds, it will normally take longer, but the difference between top-tier and BiS speeds is not that high.

Q: The areas to the north belong to the blue side, and the areas to the south belong to the red side… I was wondering if there are ways for a faction to take control of certain areas? Are there advantages to owning an area?

A: No, it is not possible to take control of certain areas. This could significantly affect the balance between the two factions, which we cannot control.

Q: About cooperation, is it possible to play with friends and share loot, quests, crafts, home, etc.

A: It is not possible to share the above elements, as each will have their own loot, their own crafts, their own house, etc. However, you won't lose anything by playing with friends.

And it's over. I hope to see you on May 6th on CBT1!

PS: Be sure to join us on the official Elyon Discord to be part of the community and stay up to date with the latest news!

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