A little match between Elyon vs Swords of Lengends to know which one to choose or at least try to understand the major differences. So, it's with this little retrospective that we'll try to help you to choose the game that will suit you the best between these two mmorpg planned for 2021.

Elyon vs Swords of Legends Online

As with any match between two games, it's important to understand the differences between these two mmorpg and who they are for. Each one targets a different audience. One is designed more for PvP players while the other is mainly for PvE players.

Both have strong arguments for the intended audience. So we're going to take a look at the big differences between one and the other in order to understand the nuances and subtleties, which are sometimes crude, but which often tip the balance to one side or the other.

The differences between Elyon and Swords of Legends Online

When talking about mmorpg, it is important to understand the basics of each and what makes them different. Because there are various styles, universes but especially genres. In recent years it has mostly been about mmorpg theme park with different areas instantiated or not. We don't talk much about open world games.

Open world vs Theme park

Both Elyon and Swords of legends are classified as Theme Park mmorpg, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. Swords of Legends Online is closer to Final Fantasy XIV in its mode of operation as you will see.

Swords of legends online is not an open world. This means that each zone is an instance and in fact it is not possible to switch from one zone to another without realizing it. We are confronted with invisible walls, if we decide to go beyond the limit of the zone in which one are. You can see that, as in FF14, there are well-defined zones to switch from one map to another.

This limitation can be annoying. Because who likes to be blocked by an invisible wall? Not many people especially on a mmo of 2021 and which wants to be modern.

On the contrary, in the mmo Elyon Ascent Infinit Realm, you are immersed in an open world. This means that there are no loading times or "doors" to use to get from one area to another. Everything is fluid and without any loading time. Players move from one area to another without encountering any walls, except those that are visible.

For those who love freedom of movement and hate invisible walls, the point goes here to Elyon

Elyon 1
Épées de Legneds Online 0

Two different universes

Elyon A:IR has a Cyberpunk theme while SoLonline is inspired by the world of Chinese legends. Two very different themes that suit some people and not others. Either we like it or we don't. No half measures possible here.

Between a universe mixing machines and magic and the other one only magic, you will have to make a choice. Or, for the more open-minded, let yourself be transported by these two worlds that have nothing in common.

It's not easy to make up your mind until you've played both games. So you'll either have to watch livestreams or let yourself be tempted by the experience that one or the other game offers.

Here it will not be possible to give a definite opinion. For our part, the Cyberpunk universe is more telling than the Chinese legends. This being a personal preference, neither game is the winner.

Elyon 0
Swords of Legends Online 0

The contents of Elyon vs Swords of Legends Online

Elyon is an open world pvp mmorgp above all. This is why it has little Pve content. The Pve content, although not a priority, is not limited to a single dungeon, but to various dungeons, whether solo or in groups. In addition to this instanced content, there are also World Bosses or zone bosses. Some pop randomly and in the open PvP area, and others are called with a scroll that can be collected from the monsters in the area.

It should be noted that the Pve content will continue to grow with the arrival of a 20 player raid and other dungeons. Although the PvE content is not the priority of Elyon, it should be noted that it is still present and limited to a certain number per day (4) on the loots side.

The PvP content is not only limited to the open areas, but also in arenas, guilds against guilds, and other activation or not of the open PvP. Indeed, it is possible to activate the PvP mode wherever you are in the game. Of course, it is not recommended to do this when leveling in low level areas. The higher level zones are open PvP zones.

On the side of Swords of Legends online, it is clearly the Pve content that is put forward. Although it is also entitled to its Pvp content, it will only be possible to do so in certain specific areas. There is no real open Pvp here, as each area of the game is instantiated and cuts off any possible immersion.

The PvE content can easily be done solo, at least for the first dungeons that have a "novice" mode. It will be possible to do them while being accompanied by NPCs who will help to do dps, tank or heal according to our choices. The PvP is weak and not very interesting but it has the merit to be present.

Note that both have a housing system, more or less free. We will come back to it below.

For the PvP part, we will rather like Elyon, and for the Pve content Swords of Legends Online. So it's all about feeling. That's why, although we prefer PvP, it is not possible to separate the two games on their respective PvP or Pve contents. One is strong in one side and the other in the other.

Elyon 1
Swords of Legends online 1

Housing Elyon vs Housing SoLo

The housing is one of the most important part, either for Elyon or Swords of Legends Online. It is not easy here to give them a preference rating. Both bring their necessity in order to progress on the game but do not have the same approach.

Housing in Elyon

Elyon A:IR housing is primarily intended for craft. It is here that we will create the various tools, objects and that we will make our harvests to be able to create what we need. Although its function is multiple, it remains quite limited.

Its accessibility is a bit complicated and will require a good understanding of its operation. You can plant trees, mines or plants that you need. The whole thing is quite limited, especially at low levels. Because yes, the housing on Elyon can evolve and take levels.

The customization is quite limited and will probably not satisfy the most enthusiastic Housing. After all, it is mainly intended to fulfill a very specific functionality, which is crafting. However, you should not expect much more than this feature.

There is also a box that will be very useful to store the various components for example.

Le logement sur Swords of Legends Online

Here, the housing is quite complete. You end up with a flying island that may or may not be shared with other alliance members. The advantage of Solo's housing is the fact that you can visit your neighbors, something impossible on Elyon.

Housing on Swords of Legends online is more than just crafting. You can really make it your own little home. A long list of furniture is to be created. The walkway is divided into several areas:

  • – craft station
  • – cultivation stations
  • – housing zone

With the various zones, it will be quite easy to build a unique home. The "building area" is quite large and allows you to give free rein to your creative impulses.

Elyon 0
Swords of Legends 1

What we can say

For the basics of the game, the dynamism of the fights is emphasized whether on Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm or Swords of Legends online. We often forget the most complicated part which is the levelling.

On Swords of Legends Online, you will simply have to follow the quests that are proposed and that you meet on the way. No surprise, the leveling is very linear and classic. Kill X mobs, take it to an NPC, move on to the next one, etc. The whole thing happens like this until you reach level 36.

Note that in 2 days of quests you reach the maximum level easy. The leveling is quite painful because it is so repetitive. No variation in the quests that could bring some relief. The player is taken by the hand from A to Z and has little freedom.

On the Elyon side, leveling is fast. However, there is a slowdown once level 30 is reached. But nothing too disruptive.

Unlike Swords of legends Online, the story quest does not end once the maximum level is reached, but will have breaks. During these, you will have to do daily quests that will give you specific items for the rest of our adventures. It is possible to make your own series of side quests, go grind in a zone to get better equipment and many other things.

There is quite a lot of variation here, although in the end it's still the same quest system: kill X monsters, bring such and such items to such and such NPC, etc.

As you can see, both games have a similar leveling system, but one is more diversified and less boring than the other.

On the fighting side, our team was more conquered by the one of Elyon, more fluid, more dynamic and less boring than the one of Swords of Legends Online.

As always, everything depends on the chosen class, but generally speaking, the feeling is largely in favor of Elyon for the dynamism of the fights, their fluidity and the handling.

It is to be regretted that duels are not possible on Elyon without using scrolls or other systems. This is a shame for a game that is definitely PvP oriented.

Game Design

While Elyon offers an advanced customization of the characters, we find ourselves with something bland on Swords Of Legends Online. Indeed, SoLo is very limited in terms of character customization, which gives the impression of playing with clones.

The store brings a lot of items between hairstyles and appearances, but nothing really convincing in itself to be able to stand out. It is not possible for example to tint your equipment like on Final Fantasy 14 or Elyon. The customization is closer to what World of Warcraft offers.

The gamedesign of the game is very different from one to the other as said at the beginning of the article. One is resolutely Chinese (Swords of Legends) while Elyon is more "futuristic" with its cyberpunk world. We regret that it is no longer possible to fly on the final version of Elyon as it was on A:IR. However, there is still the possibility to glide from point A to B thanks to the mechanical wings that all characters have.

As far as freedom of movement is concerned, we can give a good mark to Swords of Legends which allows flying although it doesn't serve much more than moving from a point A to a point B.

Although both games are quite old-fashioned, we can notice the optimization effort of Elyon compared to Swords of Legends Online. One of them runs without worries over 100 FPS, while the other one will have to reduce the effects if you want to have more than 60 FPS in a zone without other players.

We will greatly prefer the optimization made on Elyon which will allow to have smoother fights and a "normal" consumption of the resources of our machine to a Swords of Legends much more greedy for a rather similar rendering.

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