ElyonPost No. 2, the weekly that tells you about the news of the Mmorpg Elyon in French. You'll find exclusive information and some answers to your questions. Last week we were talking about the addition of content related to our community, such as youbtube, Twitch and of course the number of members of our Discord. The rest, below.

ElyonPOST No.2

Soon 2 weeks but a lot of new things have appeared! Some may have seen it during the am4rokTV live shows, the site has somehow evolved to become multi-languages. Only French is activated at the moment. The others will come when the articles in them are translated. Each language will have exactly the same content. You will be able to find the articles in French, Italian, English and German. Of course, the goal is not to compete with other communities, simply to allow all communities to have access to our content in their respective languages without having to go through an external translation.

Apart from the various languages to come, the site has also undergone a small update side design. This one represents a little better the content of the site. The presentation of the various classes has been redone on the home page in order to be able to easily accommodate those who will arrive later.

A new forum

The forum has been redone from 0 in order to integrate all the new things to come. In fact, it is available in French, with sections in Italian, German and English. As with the site in several languages, it is not a question of competing with other communities, but only of allowing all these communities to understand each other if necessary.

The Elyon-air.net community

The temperature of the community is taken through daily surveys that provide an overview of the expectations of the players. This is of course only an overview of trends and not an established fact of all players.

We can see that the majority of members of course do not want p2w in the game, especially in the form of armor / weapons. This includes game time after 6 months. Indeed, if content of this form came on the game, the majority would simply and purely leave Elyon.

The players are mostly mixed players. That is to say they like both pve and pvp content. Very few want to make PR or only a form of content. But nothing is to be ruled out, as said above.

End word

The community grew from 15 members in its early days to more than 210 members at the time of writing. It will continue to grow with the upcoming announcements and the arrival of the first closed beta.

Don't hesitate to join our community. You will soon be able to find contests to win keys for CBT1 if you have not had any luck in the draw on April 27.

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