A final weekend of calm is coming with this ElyonPost No. 3. The storm is approaching, or at least the first wave of hype! As you'll learn below, good news has arrived for our favorite game ELYON!

ElyonPost No.3

🎙 Discord EN

I will start by talking about numbers. Indeed, the Discord of the Elyon FR community is growing rapidly. Each week, about 100 new members have arrived since the announcement of the arrival of CBT1 in the West. Thanks to you, the Elyon discord reaches more than 400 members!

I still remember the 15 members not so long ago. It's nice to see.




📺 Youtube

A new video has been released regarding CBT1 FAQs, the most common questions that can be asked for the first closed beta of the Elyon mmorpg. This video was taken from the stream made on the Twitch-Youtube channel of the community at the same time. We could see more than thirty viewers on average.

Elyon's Frequent Post CBT1 Questions

📹 Livestream ElyonFR

In order to honour the arrival of CBT1 on May 6, you can find 2 staff members on the community channel: Am4rok and Xos93. They will make a co-stream to present their first steps on the game. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask them questions and satisfy your curiosity about Elyon.

Live schedules will be communicated to you on time on the community's Elyon EU DISCORD in the #agenda ch🗓annel.

🗝 Keys to be won

During the livestream on Kakaogames' official Twitch channel, you can earn keys to access CBT1! Don't hesitate to take a leap to try your luck if you still don't have a key. In addition, various events will take place at stake.

🤝 Elyon Community Guild EN: REDCRY 🩸

A guild for the Elyon FR community has been set up to bring together all those who have not found a guild at their feet or simply want to have a good time at CBTs with other Discord members. The Guild is provisional. It is not intended to keep it at the launch of the game except in exceptional cases.

The "RedCry" Guild has no vocation other than to gather people during betas and other pre-launch access of the game.

The Discord of the Elyon EU uk commu is a neutral ground with no preferential treatment for anyone and has no vocation to hide a recruitment being said that it is planned to deactivate as soon as the official arrival of the game.

Having already experienced this and finding it detestable, nothing will be done in this direction.

If in doubt, I will remain available for clarification if necessary.


  1. Give space to all those who do not end up in other guilds or you just want to join a group by being free when their playing time / involvement
  2. Create content for the FR community passively (presence only) or active (videos/streams/screenshot/translations/etc.)
  3. Discover the game and have fun together without taking the lead

How it works

  • Everyone can join the Guild.
  • You just have to know how to stand and stay correct to other players. You will still be the standard bearer of the FR community, which implies a minimum of knowing how to live and politeness about the game.
  • Here no management during CBT1 other than inviting you to share your impressions, your creations and your good humor

RedCr🩸y a story of red tears

To go further: https://tinyurl.com/yjrol8er

Discord: https://discord.gg/BHXtyXSENM

🥳 Thanks

The staff would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their trust. He will do his best to allow you to exchange and find as much content as possible in French. Whether it's on the site and the Discord.

Thanks to you the Discord en for the Mmorpg Elyon is becoming more and more important.

Thank you all for being there!

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