Early this morning an AMA (ask me anything) took place on Reddit 'Kakao – Bluehole talk about Elyon' on The Side of Reddit as advertised. You will be able to find all the questions asked as well as the answers given in French below. If you also have questions, don't hesitate to join the Discord of the French community of Elyon.

Kakao – Bluehole talk about Elyon

During these exchanges, were present:

  • executive producer Hyungjun Kim of Bluehole
  • Project Manager Jim
  • the CM of Jeroen kakaogames Yukimura


What is the maximum number of players supporting PVE-PvP content?

CM Yukiruma: The maximum capacity for battles is 100 to 100 for a total of 200 players who can participate.
For Pve content, it is currently restricted to 5 players for dungeons.
In dimensional portals, the capacity is 50 players.

Do guilds have to take 50 of their players to dimensional portals or will there be a group search system?

Person: Dimensional portals are open areas with different rules. In pending, there is a spectral monastery that is accessible solo. But all dimensional portals are open worlds.

Jeroen: I saw a question if the ERP? is allowed.

Of course it is my heart

-ERP: erotic PR

If you were to choose something that we should look forward to from the final gameplay, what would it be?

EP Hyungjun: I would say the wars between each kingdom in the dimensional portal, in which you have to fight in order to defeat bosses. There are also PvP battles between servers to become the ultimate PvP player.

How many servers are planned per region?

CM Yukimura: We haven't decided yet, but there may be several (not a mega server)

Is there several servers per region

CM Jeroen: Currently only one centre is planned in California

Will Elyon be b2p? Is there a known price scale?

CM Yukimura: Elyon will be a B2P (buy for player) with in-game purchases. We are working to adapt the content to the Western population.

After developing the popular TERA mmorpg, what have you learned with years of experience in this game that you hope to showcase and improve in Elyon.

EP Hyungjun: The targetless combat system (unlike wow) was excellent, but was also a barrier for new players because of its inso fond and difficult side.
Elyon picks up the strengths of Tera's targetless combat system but solves the drawbacks and difficulties that were apparent in Tera. In addition, the fights were known early in Tera, which will not be the case in Elyon.

Will the Pvp be in the open world? If so, will there be an opportunity to get PK during quests, grinding and resource search?

EP Hyungjun: There is pvp in the open world as well as in some instances. Although PK is possible, we have limited it to essential areas, so it is not stressful in essential play areas.

Could I finally leave Tera?

CM Jeroen: We hope so, of course. I can't wait to see you play Elyon.

Do you think you'll put flying boats, mecas and the like back into the game with the improvement interfaces?

CM Yukimura: We are aware of the positive community reaction to the original air combat mechanisms for Elyon, although we have not yet discussed them in depth, we may have plans for that in the future.

Are there plans for more complex PVE content such as larger raids in the future? Right now, people seem to be saying that there aren't really any tough raids, so I was wondering if this might change in the future to introduce high-level PVE content such as Mythical level raids that can be a challenge for players to complete?

EP Hyungjun: Not at the moment, but we are looking at it in a positive way. However, when we consider content with a high level of difficulty, we are thinking about ways to allow more players to have fun together rather than a small number of players.

What are the differences between the Korean and Western cash shop?

The business model will not be the same as for Korea

What patch will we have when the game is launched?

It's a little early to deter which patch will be deployed at launch in the West, but it will be as close as possible to the KR version.

Is there any idea of the maximum price of pre-order packs?

We continue to work on pre-order packs, more information will arrive in a few months.

Where will the servers be located? From what we know, some classes are heavily impacted by server ping.

Amsterdam for Europe and California for the USA

During the launch, will there be things that will be limited in time to give everyone the opportunity to level up or equip themselves? (for example, later unlocked dwellings, dungeons, etc.)

Undecided, but depending on the content, there will be some restrictions. For example, we plan to start wars between kingdoms at a later time so that everyone can level up and reach a viable level of equipment.

Will weapons be balanced in competitive content pvp?

Although there is a balancing aspect applied to PvP content, the difference or difference between the equipment will exist in PvP. However, we've built it in such a way that in addition to balancing, your control skills and/or skill customizations should help you overcome equipment differences.

It is very important to have a low ping in the game. Can you confirm that ceal will be available on all servers?

A low ping is certainly one of the most important aspects of any online game, and we will do everything in our power to provide as seamless an experience as possible. The NA servers will be located in California and those from the EU in Amsterdam. We don't want to disperse too much, because that could lead to a decrease in the number of players in different regions.

Will there be servers for Oceania?

This is not planned at this time. At the moment Oceania players will be on the Californian servers

What is your unique favorite aspect of Elyon? What are you, as developers, producers, PMs and CMs, excited to do in the game that differs from what other games offer? Assuming of course that you intend to play with us.

Team CM: We're really looking forward to creating fun events for the community and playing/experimenting with endless combinations of skills. PM Jim: Person
ally, I'm really looking forward to seeing which guilds will rise to the top and the policy that will be put in place given the competitive nature of the game.
Developers: We believe that different ways to evolve your character, for example by customizing your skills, make Elyon unique. Rather than just changing your skills, you can determine the direction in which you want to take your character, and then you can choose accordingly the hunting grounds you want to explore.

Is there a form of PvP ranking system in which players can compete? Maybe a ladder to climb?

There is a PvP ranking system based on skills, and there will be related rewards. You can get high-level equipment through PvP, and there are also transformation effects that provide very powerful effects as rewards for ranked players (although it's momentary).

What is the advance of the output?

We cannot give a fixed date at this time, but Elyon will arrive in the second half of 2021.

Will classes be gender-limited?

No gender limits in classes (male/female)

Will we have access to flying mounts?

There is no single flying mount, but there will be flying boats in which several players can take their seats.

Will guilds have a guild hall?

There is no guild hall

Will it be possible to fish in the game?

Yes, there is a fishing system. There is also a mini-game that can be played during fishing and it is possible to create postions from fish caught. There is also equipment that can only be obtained during fishing parties, with which one can create content for either or to resell at the auction house.

Will the slayer be available when you go out in the West?

Yes! and it will already be available at CBT2

Will the Western version have a gun store and a gold weapon exchange? If so, will they be different from those in the cash shop?

Similar to how the Cash Shop works. The gun store is completely overhauled and we cannot say more at this time.

Will Korean voices be available in the Western version?

No, they won't be included.

Will class balancing for the PVP follow that of the Korean version?

Class balance is something that developers are constantly working on and feedback from Western players will also play a role in it.

To answer a question about GoldSeller and support

The standard we aim for customer support is for excellence, and we will continue to do so with Elyon.
Selling gold or using third-party software is a violation of our terms of use of the game.

Does the game offer rewards for exploration? For example, Guild wars 2 which has puzzle jumps hidden to go retrieve a chest for the more curious.

CM Yukiruma: No, not at the moment.

No one: There are hidden things to do in the game:
– First, there are regional puzzle quests that you can find-
Then there's the Flavis disc collection: Stone tablets that are to be found in order to complete some collections and earn improvements for the characterGloball

y, there are things to do in the open world , exploring the nooks and cranies of the world.
And don't forget the special airship quests, which allow you to venture into the sky to find treasures on the islands of heaven, fight monsters from heaven and even take on the opposing faction.

There is also a treasure hunt system, which allows you to dig and find gold and even find treasure rooms with some interesting puzzles to solve to get extra gold (and even exclusive items).
Almost all reward items that are related to exploration have an entry in the collectible book.

Will the prices be based on the country!

It all depends on where you live, but the prices will be in Euro – in dollars only

What will in-game purchases look like? Purely cosmetics or will there be more than that?

We are reviewing the current impact of in-game purchases and are going to make big changes for the western version of Elyon. At the moment, the full details have not yet been determined and we cannot yet reveal its contents to you.

How many players do you expect to invite in the next closed beta?

I cannot disclose the exact number, but it is a limited number of invitations that we will send after reviewing the players' CBT1 requests. Our goal is to focus on collecting feedback on the mechanics of the game – a larger-scale test is planned for later.

Will there be a balance so that new players don't get too much of an impact in the game against older players?

Although you continue to level up, everyone will end up at a similar point in the game. However, we expect that there will be a gap between new and experienced players in terms of the various skill customizations and know-how in how to assemble its characters.

With what season of talent do you plan to start when the game is released? Does it depend solely on the present moment of the year?

We plan to release the version as close as possible to the one in service in Korea. The season of Mana Awakening will depend on the final version with which the EU/NA service will be launched, which has not yet been decided.

Most of the reactions of the players expressed that this was a very grindy game (many hours of repetitive tasks with minimal overall progression), more than BDO, can you confirm or develop this feeling?

No that's not true. We continue to update the game while avoiding aspects that would make it too grindy for players. The version you will have to play will be a much more comfortable environment to play.

Will the game be available in Russia?

Russia is not in our territory of desserve

How is the mount system in the game? Are there mounts that can be obtained through a dungeon boss or a world? Or are all the frames items from the online store?

Frames are available from the game's NPCs, but we will also offer them in the online store. We may hold events in the future where mounts will be offered as a reward.

Will the game have free trial access?

At launch no. But we'll see that again later.

Is there a crafting system at play? Is that part of the game economy?

Yes, there is a crafting system. You can sell handicrafts to other players and you can win gold through the craft system. In this way, you can see that there is indeed a link with the economy.

Is the solo game easy/difficult for leveling and progression in quests/scenario? Is cooperative play essential for these aspects?

You can progress in the game more easily by playing cooperatively, but it is also possible to play solo by customizing your skills and making your character stronger. That way, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Do you intend to team up with Western content creators, or at least set up a partnership program?

Absolutely! Content creators of all kinds are the life force of an MMO. It is too early for an official partnership program, but it will come.

The game will be released on which platforms?

Elyon will only be available on PC

Does farts (pets) provide a boost of statistics?


What types of items will be put in the cash shop?

At the beginning of the service, you'll see mostly the classic items from the MMORPG online sto
re, including: – pets to help you pick up the loot and give you small buffs of miscellaneous/life,
– outfits (we haven't decided whether or not special bonuses will be granted),
– warehouse/inventory location extensions and premium buffs like the Value Pack.

You'll be able to try all the above during CBT1 – we can't wait to hear your feedback.

What is the selling point of this game? That would make me play this game rather than gw2, wow and other MMOs. And what is the purpose of this game that would keep me playing?

It's the satisfaction of controlling your character and the vast skills customization system. Unlike other MMORPGs, Elyon's orders are not slow. On the contrary, they are fast and dynamic when you fight in the game. This means that the key to overcoming your tough battles in Elyon will be to become better in your skill controls. Similarly, when you encounter a difficult obstacle in the game, you should be able to overcome the difficulty through customization skills. Normally, in RPGs, it only takes grind to get better equipment as your character grows to overcome difficulties. This usually takes a lot of time. However, Elyon is unique in that you overcome obstacles using your own means through skills customization and the use of different attributes.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to comment on them or just pass on the community discord to do so.

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