Elyon's official twitter account gives us a preview of the important NPCs that will mark our adventures on the game. Little by little, we discover their stories through these tweets.

Elyon NPC preview

Discovering Carmen

Carmen Delgado aspires to lead her people, as does her father, a former general in Ontario. She may look cold on the outside, but she is friendly with those she loves.

Discovering Sellem Neishar

Sellem Neishar is the last survivor of the Neishar roya👑l family.

He is supposed to have died with his family, but in reality he was saved by his servant Malak. Sellem believes that a true member of the royal family should be kind and have a strong will.

More information will arrive before the arrival of CBT1 on the various characters we will encounter during our journeys on Elyon. Stay informed!

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