Now is the time for questions and answers from CM Version 2. You had already seen the various previous faqs in this article. It is the turn of a second set of questions answers that here concern the game and its economic system planned for the West (EU – US).

Questions and answers to #2 CMs

Fighting in the air was something appreciated in the previous version. With all the decreases or deletions made of the combat system since A:IR, is it planned to put these back in future updates/extensions?

We are aware of the positive feedback from the community about the fighting mechanics that were in A:IR, we have not yet discussed this in depth, but it is possible that we have plans for this to be the case in the future.

Is there any plans to add more interactions between players to make the game more immersive and role-play-friendly?

There is nothing planned to do so at this time, but this will be considered for future updates

Some classes are smaller than others visually and are difficult to aim for in RvR or open-world combat. Is there any plans to make them more visible?

This is a subject that we have considered during the development process. Players have shown that they adapt very easily to this in multiple situations. As we re-evaluate the game all the time and look at player feedback, more options will be added in the future.

Would the game be blocked by IP?

Yes, there are IP restrictions for countries that are not listed here: Supported countries. But there will probably be various possibilities for countries that are not listed here in the future.

What is the business model chosen for Elyon? Would it be suitable for the Eu/US market?

The game will be a B2P with in-game purchases. We are working on various points in order to adapt Elyon for the Western audience.

How do you expect to add new content like updates, clothes, farts and mounts for the Global version? Will we have the same content schedule as in Korea or different/exclusive content?

At first we will closely follow the outings made in Korea. As we need to translate the game as quickly as possible, we will do our best to limit the waiting time for new content.

Is it possible to have an option to remove/reduce the visual effects of enemy spells?

There is currently an option for visual effects, which we will improve with the return of players.

How many new classes can we expect per year?

We have planned 1-2 new class per year, but will be subject to change.

Will there be servers by language and one for all like on Tera?

In EU/US there will be no dedicated server by language. There will be several channels available in-game from the start. More information will arrive in the future.

Is there any plans to make changes in the crafting system, such as adding normal objects and not just high-level items?

Adding normal objects to the craft system will significantly lower their value. For example, they are simple to obtain and are not destroyed during enchantment.

Will there be energy buffs to improve speed recovery?

Yes. But the obtaining of these objects is not yet determined.

Is there any plans to increase PVE activities such as guild content, more dungeons and multi-wing raids?

We are working on a new raid for 20 players. If we will judge that additional content for guilds will be required and requested, we will consider this in the future.

Is there any plans to add more PvP mode like Arênes or Battle Royale?

The Royal Battle mode is not planned but we have plans for various 1vs1 modes and PvP tournaments per server
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