Here you can find various questions and answers of the CM (community manager or community manager). This article will be updated little by little so that you can easily find official answers to the questions you may ask yourself when it is the Western version of the game.

Questions and Answers from THE CMs

Access to Beta EU/US

Will access to the beta be given randomly or can it be secured?

We continue to work on various methods to access it. There will be several

How will the keys be given?

The main way will be to register on the website and fill out a very short form. We will also give some on social networks and I will give some to the administrators of this Discord who will be able to give them as they wish.

When will the beta take place in the West?

Soon, really soon.


Will Spanish be available?

Yes. We don't have a Spanish CM yet

Will there be servers by language?

No. The servers will be multi-language

Cloud Access

Economic model

What will Elyon's subscription model be?

These details are still being discussed. As well as the business model of the game. More details will be given soon

Access to the game

Will the game be blocked by IP?

Yes. There will be an IP block for regions that are not supported.

Will we lag behind the Korean version in terms of content?

At the launch of the game, there will be a slight delay when the content of the game, but will be quickly upgraded to join the Korean version.
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