The CBT1 of the Mmorpg Elyon is over, so it’s time we give our opinion on this first closed beta on this pvp-oriented game. Our staff was lucky enough to have access to this first closed beta and tested a little all the content, at least before level 40. This allowed us to make a first opinion that we will give you below.

The opinion of the team on the close beta 1 of Elyon Air

We have read various more or less negative opinions about Elyon, but from what we have seen, they are people who do not have the habit of understanding the system of a game before making an opinion. This is felt in the reviews of the game Elyon of the players and those that we read on various French-language websites.

The majority of people forget the basics of the game and understand well are working before they even embark on the setting up of an article or give his opinion. It is certainly not always easy to master the ins and out of a game as a whole, especially in the space of 4 days. That’s why our opinion will be content to take into account what was within our reach during our adventures on the CBT1 of the mmorpg pvp proposed by Kakaogames and Bluehole, Elyon.

You can find our first reviews of this video that was made just before the end of CBT1 on the community’s Twitch channel. It was carried out with the help of Xos93 and Am4rok as well as people present on the live. Thank you to them for being there.

The opinion of the staff on the takeover of the game Elyon

The grip is simple and is done through a tutorial that can be done in a group if the desire takes us. Although this is not the easiest way, you can be a little confused when you take control of the game for the first time. Between the Asian-typed interface and the fact that it’s a new game, you have to take your time to understand the basics.

The tutorial allows us to understand the basics of the game. This ranges from the move to the various spells we have. It must be said, the tutorial part is welcome in order to set the scenery of what will await us afterwards.

In short, the handling is simple, as long as we take the time to read the information given to us and also understand what it will be used for the future.

As with any learning process, we must allow ourselves time to understand the whole game and not just what we see before our eyes. Elyon’s system is not easy to understand at first, but once you’ve finally done the rounds, the game seems almost simple.

Our review of Elyon’s graphics

As much as one can love the genre, as much the graphics are subjective for the majority of the world. The graphics of Elyon pleased us overall and did not present any major problems or lack of realism in relation to the world of the game (steampunk universe). We may regret a lack of variation in the weather throughout our adventures, although this is not prohibitive.

Some in-game catches from Elyon

As can be seen from the images, the game is pretty without being at the cutting edge of technology. So yes, some will probably say that the graphics date from another era, but when you see the MMORPGs coming out, they are hardly more innovative in terms of graphics. Elyon has the merit of being very well optimized unlike, for example, Bless Unleasched which is under EU4.

The graphics of the game are generally homogeneous. Each region of the game has its own universe. The atmosphere therefore luck from one place to another making us travel and bringing depth to the whole game. In fact, no weariness on that side.

We did not see any drop of SPF outside the RvR or moments with a large population per square metre. In-game options allow you to disable the effects of your allies in one click. This allows you to find normal SPF during battles against opponents.

Our team to find very successful graphic content and doing justice to the title. Between medieval and cyberpunk with great detail, the game managed to make us travel in its universe hands down.

Our review of Elyon’s gameplay

Elyon’s gameplay is special and requires a little dexterity to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Unlike the usual mmorpg, WoW, TESO, FF14, Elyon is very dynamic. No time to get bored, no breaks in his spells, no expectations to fear in his movements, except with certain special abilities.

The gameplay is very nervous and may not suit a person accustomed to much quieter games, like those mentioned above. It may seem rough, even restricted in some respects.

A special spell bar

Indeed, the number of spells that can be placed on the skill bar is limited to a small fifteen. When you know that the total number of spells is about forty, it may actually seem limited. For example, among the staff, one found the number of spells a little too small, the other found these to the right number.

Some capacity boxes unlock through its secondary weapon, others simply advancing through the game’s content and taking levels. To know how to unlock them, just fly over the boxes in question. No need to search for noon to 2 p.m., everything is detailed on how to unlock the padlocked boxes.

Basic spells are acquired through the leveling, while sub-spells are learned by doing various specific quests. In order to claim to “improve” the basic spells, we must also obtain a certain number of skill points that we will distribute at our whim in the abilities that we will use in our fights.

The various Content found on Elyon

Elyon’s various content allows us to vary the pleasures and activities during our adventures. The game offers a variety of fun activities that include:

  • wild pvp in open world
  • Guild vs. Guild
  • Kingdom vs. Kingdom
  • lonely dungeons
  • multi-player dungeons
  • Pve Challenges
  • PvP training
  • various arenas
  • World Events
  • bosses to bring in by means of scrolls
  • world bosses
  • housing
  • crafts
  • harvest

As can be seen, Elyon offers a whole range of activities that will suit the majority of players. So certainly, the game is clearly PvP oriented. It still has the merit of offering various forms of PvP as well as some PvE content. Pve content is not complicated in itself. It allows you to acquire good equipment for your character and is complementary to PvP content.

In any case, our staff is in a hurry to set foot on the next closed beta of the Mmorpg Elyon in order to get a better idea and also be able to test the new class that is the slayer or slayer in French.

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