There are four breeds on Elyon. All races can play all classes and are available in both factions. No restrictions unlike other race/sex games per class.

Breeds on Elyon


The Ein are actually a coalition of several races, so they are the most unpredictable. However, they all share one thing: an ability to repair anything, no matter how complex. Oh, and their love for shiny objects.

Some might despise them because of their small size, but no one will deny that the Ein are the best engineers there is.


Longevity is not the only thing that makes elves superior to others. They were also born with ingenuity and sensitivity that allowed them to adapt to Harth's diverse history, while preserving the traditions of their elders.

Some scholars call them Harth's geniuses because of their unrivalled intellect.


Humans do not possess great abilities, elaborate craftsmanship, or powerful bodies, but in them burns a deep passion.
Harth is a hard and ruthless continent, but humans have established themselves as a symbol of prosperity for all races.


Orcs are often mistakenly considered barbarians because of their aggressive nature and love of battles. But in reality, they simply appreciate strong and physical bodies. They are not thugs who despise weaker beings.

Physical prowess is often overshadowed by Harth's technology, but the skill and power of the Orcs will always be crucial in combat.

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