We are excited to bring Elyon to Europe and the USA!
We have been working with the developers, Bluehole, on this project for a long time and the wait is coming to an end!
With the full opening of the website, we want to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about who we are and what is planned for Elyon.

Let's start with some good news

We are preparing for the first Closed Beta (CBT1), which will give you every chance to get your hands on the game for the first time. This will happen in the coming months and we will announce the exact dates soon.

Although the CBT has a relatively small range and the version we will use will be far from the final launch version, we will organize events and battles to give you an overview of what the game has to offer.

After CBT1, we will gather your feedback and start preparing a second CBT. This will be on a larger scale and the focus will be on testing servers and backend processes. Once all the tests are completed and we are satisfied with the results, we head to the grand opening so that we can fully begin our journey together.

Who is Kakao Games and what does it do?

We've found from other games that we've released that the role of editor and developer is not clear to many people, so we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about what we're doing to make your experience with the game as enjoyable as possible.

Introducing the teams

Community manager

The first team to present is our own team, the team that, among other things, will provide you with updates on the website in the future. Our CM team wears a lot of caps but you will find them mainly on social networks and Discord. We seek to be that bridge between you and the developer, taking your feedback into account and passing them on to developers to try to improve the game for everyone. We will also broadcast our own livestream feeds, organize events and write articles to introduce the Kakao team.

Project management team

The project management team is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of content publications. They are the key players in the preparation of the CBT and the planning of the calendar. They serve as a central point of communication between all the different teams and the developers. So, generally, any question that ends with "… When?" They belong to them.


Did you know that Elyon has more than 600,000 words in English only? From dialogue to quest text, object names and bubbles. Everything must first be translated from Korean to English, then to French, German and Spanish. It's a long process and a lot of work. Beyond the game channels, our location team also helps with ads, guides and other content related to the game.

Masters of the game

The main function of the GM team is to provide support to the players. They are all passionate players who care about your experience of the game. They will be there to help you solve technical problems, bugs, misplaced items and any other problems that could affect your enjoyment of playing. Our GM team loves to go beyond the normal support of players and you'll find them wandering around the world creating great events in the game or just spending time.

Technical team

The technical team are our server operators. Their main function is to make sure that the servers are working properly, that the correction process is going as it should and that our other platforms such as the website and account pages are working properly.

Support teams

Plus, we have all the usual attributes of HR, marketing, accounting and roles that are less game-related but still essential for you to join us all when we launch Elyon.

Sign up now to follow the latest announcements and join us on Discord to meet us. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

– Team Elyon

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